Former journalist turned frontend software engineer, currently exploring the Next.js rabbit hole in TypeScript and styled-components for the website and documentation platforms. Learning Three.js and WebGL to develop an experimental style of factual storytelling for the digital age.

Born in Tokyo with an early childhood in Germany, I have since spent most of my life in various parts of London.

From practicing piano all day at a high school for classical musicians, I unexpectedly found my way into journalism following a stint at Cambridge University interviewing politicians whilst earning my BA degree in Music.

After the initial years juggling different roles for Associated Press Television News HQ in London, I freelanced mainly as a video journalist covering human interest stories and writing on social affairs for outlets such as BBC, VICE, Channel 4 News, AJ+ among others.

During this time, I became fascinated with interactive documentaries - which subconsciously led me to develop strong opinions on web design.

A friend who spotted my ways informed me of opportunities in switching careers to software development from a different background; advice which unearthed a whole new world of engineering thought processes that I wanted to become proficient in.

Although many tears have been shed along the journey of learning JavaScript, I have not looked back since. Though I am busy learning on the job at the moment, hopefully in the near future I will have time to play around with some ideas around the intersection of current affairs and 3d web development.

Mari x
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